Specialises in beautiful off the peg and bespoke rugs. All are 100% handmade by artisans from India, Morocco and Peru using ancient hand looming techniques.



Dhurries have been woven in India for centuries and we are delighted to continue this traditional craft with our modern designs.

The dhurrie is all about colour. At it's simplest it was a multi purpose textile used as floor coverings and bedding, whilst at it's most elaborate - woven with the finest fibres and enhanced by gold - it graced the palaces of royalty.

Our dhurrie rugs bring style and personality to contemporary or traditional interiors.

From the initial dying of the cotton to the weaving, each rug passes though 20 pairs of hands from start to finish. Our artisans weave a few inches by hand each day until the beautiful dhurrie is complete.

- a real labour of love!




In Morocco every carpet tells a tale. From the monochromatic Beni Ourains to the intricate Zemmour Kilims, the country's weavings are both a narrative art form and a necessity against the elements.

Traditionally they were crafted by women of the Berber tribes, handwoven and knotted, with some rugs taking up to a year to complete. While some document a personal experience, others carry a more ancestral message passed down over time. The life rituals of Berber women, including fertility, birth, and the protective role of men, are driving narratives.


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